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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

98. 'Er name's Leanne

Leanne Kipping
The poem, in the style of one of my favorite Australian writers - C J Dennis - was penned for Sunday, February 12, to commemorate my cousin Leanne's 50th birthday. A bunch of Treloars and Kippings headed up or down he highways - to Ballarat. There we shared High Tea at Craig's Hotel . A good time was had by all.

The poem - 'Er Name's Leanne - is written in C J Dennis's Larrikin Metre - the form he invented for his poem suite THE SENTIMENTAL BLOKE.

‘Er Name’s Leanne

‘Er Name’s Leanne – she’s Doreen’s little kid
Doreen and Arthur’s bundle of pure joy
And they loved everything she said or did
Not like their boy!
That Craig oo was a devil from the start
She was an angel – and she warmed their heart

Now some ‘ave said, at least as I remembered
That sometimes our Leanne was – not BAD tempered
Just – sort of wilful. Stubborn as they say.
And got ‘er way
By digging on ‘er ‘eels
and throwin’ tantrums
And squawking louder than a national anthem

Oh God, she was a terror, way back then
And not just once, but ever and again
Whenever Dor’ remembers it – she winces
But Arthur’s princess
Although she was the Devil in disguise
Could do no wrong – not in ‘er father’s eyes

She took up smokin’, went out of the town
Lived a mad life and caused us all to frown
Drank only high class booze - strictly top shelf.
Admits – herself
That little girl , thatb lond and blue eyed child
Became – ‘ow shall I put this? Pretty wild!

But THAT was THEN,
and THIS – of course – is NOW
And our Leanne has changed a lot – somehow
She’s even given up the smokes. She’s thrifty
And now – she’s 50
What brought about this change? Honest to god
The ONLY explanation is: It’s Rod

It’s HIM that got us al up ‘ere today
We’ve gathered ‘ere together just to say
Leanne – you’re 50 in a day, or less
And we confess\
Despite all of your smokin’, drinkin’, cursin’
We reckon that you’re grouse! A bonzer person

And what a bonzer, slap up treat it’s been
I doubt that they would even give the queen
A spread as posh as we’ve ‘ad ‘ere today
That’s why I say
Could everybody please no – Charge your glasses
And be upstanding – come on, off your … chairs

Leanne – you’ve had a colourful, rich life
You’ve been a daughter, sistr, cousin, wife
A niece, an aunt, a kind and generous friend
The list don’t end
Our glasses raised, each lady and each man
We wish you HAPPY 50TH - Leanne